Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis system with or without pump up to 7 stages, configurable by the user with different types of cartridges.

With the RO 50 series reverse osmosis system, BAICO Pumps offer high performance equipment for obtaining drinking water with low mineralogy free of odors, flavors and contaminants. The equipment is capable to remove up to 95% of the dissolved solids and up to 99% of the chlorine. Easy installation and simple maintenance for the replacement of the filter cartridges.

The basic equipment consists of:

1 Cartridge for the retention of sediments PP of 5 microns

1 Granulated active carbon cartridge

1 active carbon cartridge in block

1 Osmotic membrane

1 Post filter cartridge

It also includes a filtered water tank with a capacity of 12 l and a faucet for obtaining filtered water. If the inlet pressure is less than 3 Bar it is recommended to use the model equipped with pump. It is supplied with all accessories for installation. Supplied with a beautiful packaging in full color and with useful information.

The customer is our priority and services our commitment, BAICO pumps works for it.