New web page


BAICO PUMPS s.l. launched a new web page to keep all customers informed of the latest developments and events in the BAICO environment, and also has new sections for an easy product’s selection.

This web page consists of a main section of Products and its corresponding sub categories:

  • Groundwater
  • Water boosting
  • Drainage
  • Recirculation
  • Solar
  • Water treatment
  • Pool
  • Hydropneumatic accumulators
  • Accessories 

Download section, where you have easy access to catalogs, technical information, exploded view and instruction manuals

Section of News News, Cases stories and What’s New. 

It has a powerful internal search engine for a quick selection of products and access to technical files with just a couple of "clicks". Compatible with mobile devices  (QR) 

The customer is our priority and the service our commitment, BAICO pumps works for it.