Catalog 2018


BAICO presents the new catalog of products with a new design for an easy selection of them.

The catalog has been completely restructured adapting to the demands of markets and customers, including QR codes for quick access to technical documentation via

The current edition includes new ranges of products and expansion of existing ones. Apart from the traditional pumps, we have incorporated:

- Pumps with electronic control parameters either of the motor or hydraulic ones.

- New line of ISKUT series frequency inverters with remote control for start-up and monitoring of booster sets.

- New line of pool pumps up to 3 HP.

- New series of products for water treatment, with units of reverse osmosis, double and triple filters up to 20 ", FRP tanks, softeners, etc.

- Control panels for both well pumps and firefighting systems.

- Solar Pumps

The customer is our priority and services our commitment, BAICO pumps works for it.