BAICO Pumps s.l. has established a commercial agreement with HIDROPLAT Company located in La Plata for the import and distribution of the range of products throughout the country.

At the end of October, an event was held in La Plata to introduce the range of products, the brand and future new products, with the assistance and participation of customers from different locations from Argentine territory.

The imported products are a range of surface pumps, circulating and drainage pumps, which have all the national and international certifications with high quality and excellent performance.

According to customer’s live join in, Hidroplat offers an excellent service,  technical advice, quick commercial response and high quality of products, which makes us stand out from other companies in the market.

We have already planned the range of products for 2019, where 4 "submersible pumps will be incorporated, both the conventional wet end and motor and the compact ones. To make it easy BAICO Pumps offers products "Plug & Pump", were are ready to plug them in the electric supply and pump water, the pumps are composed of motor + wet end + power cord + control panel.

The customer is our priority and services our commitment, BAICO pumps works for it.